About Naosap Harvest

Naosap Harvest – Organic Wild Rice is based out of the small community of Cranberry Portage in northern Manitoba, Canada. We live on the lake and are lucky enough to get our drinking water untreated directly from the lake as it is remarkably clean. It has been tested for impurities, but as we are surrounded by natural forest, there are no contaminants. My husband and his brothers have been harvesting wild rice for over 30 years now. Our children are starting to help out as well.

The start of the company came about as I wanted to share this versatile, nutritious, healthy food with others. One of our first lakes harvested over 30 years ago was Naosap Lake. Naosap is a Cree counting word meaning fourteen.

Our family is fortunate to live along the shore of beautiful Lake Athapapuskow. We are on the edge of the Canadian Shield and are surrounded by boreal forest. Our organic wild rice is grown in the pristine, isolated lakes of northern Manitoba, Canada. Its nutritional values and versatility may surprise you. We are very proudly Canadian! Try one of nature’s great health foods.