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Ready for harvest
Wild Rice Soup
Close Up of Wild Rice
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Wild Rice No-Meat Loaf

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Wild Rice No-Meat Loaf
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Ready for harvest

Harvest time is just about here. 
Unfortunately, the high water levels in the Spring, dramatically effected the amount of wild rice we will have this year.
People this it odd that wild rice will "drown".  Ideal water depths for wild rice are 3 - 5 feet of water.  The plant cannot survive when the water levels rise.
We had a glorious summer.  There were a lot of very warm days that helped the wild rice plants mature.
A sudden turn in temperature has seen our thermometer drop from low 30s to 6 degree celcius this morning - yikes.

Wild Rice Soup

Brrrr - it has been so cold up here lately.  It seemed like a great day for soup.
I rarely follow a recipe, but I will try to tell you how I made this.
I sautéed onion and garlic in a little oil.  I then added chopped sweet potato, potato, red and yellow peppers, celery and tomatoes.  Next I added vegetable broth and cooked until the veggies were cooked. 
At the end added some leftover chicken and some cooked wild rice.
SOOOO yummy!

I always cook the wild rice first otherwise it soaks up all of the liquid.


Close Up of Wild Rice

Close up of the green wild rice stocks & some of the kernels. Note the husks with the long tail. The tail is barbed, gets into everything and is extremely itchy on your skin.

The Best Whole Grains is a great page. If you haven't checked it you should. I certainly agree with wild rice getting a checkmark for 'high in protein' as well!
Great guide to grains!
Although I think Wild Rice should get the checkmark for *high in protein* 7 grams is quite high for a grain.

Which one's your favourite?
We switch between buckwheat, quinoa and rice quite often.

... Gluten-free Folks : please note Bulgur is not Gluten-free. Polenta as a grain is a ground corn meal - but if you look for it as a prepared Polenta recipe, it usually has wheat added to it, making it not GF.
Oats are naturally gluten-free, but often become contaminated with wheat and you need to purchase G-F certified oats if you want to be safe.

Wild Rice No-Meat Loaf

(vegan, gluten free – egg free, dairy free)
1/2 cup uncooked wild rice
1 can red kidney beans, rinsed and drained
2/3 cup walnuts, chopped
1/4 cup raisins, chopped
1/4 cup dried cranberries, chopped
1 medium onion, diced fine
2 tbsp milled flax seeds
1/2 cup gluten-free bread crumbs
2 springs of fresh oregano
1/2 tsp ground pepper or more to taste
1 tsp sea salt or more to taste
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
To see the entire recipe, photos and information, please click on the link below:

Banana Bread with Wild Rice Flour

Banana Bread
1/2 cup oil (did 1/4 cup oil, 1/4 cup unsweetened apple sauce)
3/4 cup white sugar
1/2 tsp. salt
2 eggs
5 tbsp. sour cream or buttermilk
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. vanilla
3 mashed, overripe organic bananas
1/2 cup choc. chips (optional)
1 cup Naosap Harvest Wild Rice Flour
1/4 cup whole wheat flour
1/4 cup white flour
Put oil, applesauce, eggs, vanilla, cream and bananas in bowl.  Beat well. Mix the flours, soda, salt and chocolate chips in another bowl.  Add the first mixture and stir to moisten.  Bake in a large greased loaf pan at 350 degrees for 1 hour.

Wild Rice Pizza

Wild Rice Pizza - yummy.  Thanks to Ria Adhar for this recipe.
3 cups cooked wild rice
2 eggs
1 cup pizza sauce
1 1/2 cups shredded mozzarella
3/4 cup chopped pineapple
3/4 cup chopped cooked ham
Preheat oven to 450 degrees.
Add beaten eggs and butter to the rice and mix well.
Press the mixture into a pizza pan that has been greased orlined with parchment paper.
Spread your pizza sauce over the rice.
Sprinkle with the mozzarella cheese.
Top with the chopped pineapple and ham.
Place the pizza in the oven on the middle rack and cook for10 - 12 minutes.
Slice and serve immediately.
I added lots of mushrooms, some peppers and onions aswell.  I also added some spices to myrice mixture.  We really enjoyed this Ria- thanks so much for the recipe :)

Our Harvest

A Harvest You Have toSee to Believe
When you think harvest, most farmers think combining, a ripening garden, and golden crops.  When we thinkharvest we think airboat and travel.  Our wild rice is grown in the very isolated lakes of Northern Manitoba.  Not only are we almost eight hours north ofWinnipeg, some of our lakes are three hours north of us. This means hours on the road (or trail) and days away from home.
The ideal growing conditions for our wild rice is clear,clean water, a depth of 3 – 5 feet, a lake bottom of just the right pH, moving water and lots of sunshine.   The wild rice plant is truly amazing.  Wild rice is actually a member of the grass family and grows from 5 – 11 feet tall.  Usually half of the plant is under thewater.  Come spring you cannot see any evidence of plants in the lake.  As summer proceeds, the plants grow and the tops will float on the lake.  As the plant grows and strengthens, it stands up out of the water and starts to eventually blossom.  The blossoms turn into the wild rice‘grains’. Our long hours of sunshine during summer promotes long, plump grains.
Once thegrains have ripened to their optimal size, we haul the airboats out to ourlakes.  The airboat has a ‘hopper’attached to the front that the operator can raise or lower according to theheight of the wild rice plants.  The riperice grains fall into the open hopper. Once the hopper is full, the airboat goes over to a bagging station.  Sometimes a bagging station is on the shore,but most of the time it is a anchored boat. The hopper is emptied by hand (see attached video).  The green wild rice is then scooped into bags.  On a good day, there are too many bags in the bagging station boat. Instead of  carting them all the way to the landing, we will find a close shoreline to stack the bags.  At the end of the day, all of the wild rice needs to be carted to the boat landing. The bags are then put into the truck and/or trailor and hauled back to the rice camp where they are unloaded so that everything is ready to go again in the morning.  As the wild rice plant does not all ripen at the same time, the same area can be harvested multiple times.  Some years we get over the samecrop as many as four times.
Oncethe pick is done, all of the bags of wild rice are brought home.  From here, the rice goes to the processing plant which is about 45 minutes from our home. As you can see, our wild rice get handled multiple times – anywhere from a minimum of five to as many times as ten. It is a harvest that really cannot become mechanized due to the remoteness of our lakes and our desire to disturb the surroundings as little aspossible.
As with any crop, mother nature is our greatest partner.  Wind is wild rice’s biggest enemy.  This year in particular hundreds of pounds were lost to the wind.
On a warm, sunny day the harvest is still work, but on a cold, windy day with nowhere to get shelter, it is not fun. Our son in particular LOVES going ricing and spending time with his Dad. 
We are extremely blessed to live where we live and tohave this opportunity to harvest and eat such a great product.
For delicious recipe and a variety of waysto serve healthy, gluten-free wild rice to your family check out:

Pumpkin Bundt Cake with Wild Rice Flour

One of my all time favourite bloggers is Mommy Moment. She is down to earth, inspirational and genuinely caring. She altered her Grandma's Pumpkin Bundt Cake recipe by substituting 1 cup of Naosap Harvest Wild Rice Flour for the white flou...r, increasing the pumpkin by 1/2 cup and increasing the cooking time by 15 minutes. Thanks for sharing your recipe and your photo :)

Wild Rice Flour for Fish Coating

Yummy pickeral (walleye) with wild rice flour and spices for a coating - soooo yummy!