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Cooking or recipes

Not as costly as you might think.

Facts you need to know:
-     2 pounds of rice = approximately 6 cups of raw wild rice
-     1 cup raw wild rice = approximately 3 cups of cooked wild rice
-     One 2 pound bag of wild rice = approximately 18 cups of cooked Naosap Harvest wild rice
As wild rice triples itself – it is not as costly as most think.

Organic Wild Rice Flour - Now Available

Naosap Harvest Organic Wild Rice Flour is now available.  Check out our granola recipe - your kids will love you for it!

Wild Rice Salad

Think of organic wild rice just as a side dish. Think salad - add fresh corn, tomatoes, broccoli, onions, any fresh veggies, your favourite dressing - a great summer meal!

Cold, Rainy Day - Need Some Pudding

Cold, rainy day - feels like some Fude Style Manitoba Maple Wild Rice Pudding. Great recipe Thanks Chef Thomas & Fude!  This has quickly become a family favourite.  You really should try it!

What Do You Eat for Breakfast?

Customer Paula mixes one part Naosap Harvest organic wild rice to three organic brown and eats as hot cereal with Saigon Cinnamon and butter. Wow - What a great start to the day - healthy!

Gluten Free

Did you know that Naosap Harvest is gluten free?  I am trying to post some recipes for those of you who require this.  If you have a great recipe using wild rice (or one that could be adapted) - please send it our way!

Wild Rice Flour a Success

Made granola bars with hemp seed and wild rice flour - really healthy and the kids still liked it.  Tried pizza dough with half whole wheat, half wild rice flour.  The dough didn't rise as much as usual, but the crust was delicious!
If you have ideas for the flour - please send them my way.

Wild Rice Flour

First I tried buttermilk pancakes with the rice flour - they turned out great.  Today I made banana bread - it was delicious.  The kids loved it.  I'll get the recipes posted soon.  I usually use homemade, sugarless applesauce in place of most of the oil.  The kids never know the difference, and I know I am giving them a healthier alternative.

Wild Rice Flour?

Experimenting with grinding wild rice flour.  I am going to try in a variety of recipes.  It may be heavy.  Let you know how is goes.

Wild Rice & Mushroom Patties - Chez Rhea

Chef Rheagan Stewart of Chez Rhea in Crystal City, Manitoba recently held an Easy Appetizer Demonstration.  Here she is making wild rice and mushroom patties.
Rheagan graciously gave us the recipe.  Check out our recipe section for more.