– soft, fully cooked wild rice 4.5 cups
– 2% milk 3.5 cups
– whipping cream 3.5 cups
– vanilla extract 2.25 tsp.
– maple syrup 4 fl. oz
– raisins 2.25 cups
– cinnamon 2.25 tsp.
– nutmeg 2.25 tsp.
– salt 2.25 tsp.


1. ***PRE COOK 2 cups of wild rice in 8 cups of water on heat 4 for 1 hour. Once fully cooked, spread out on a sheet pan to cool. Once you have cooked the rice, you can start the pudding recipe.
2. In a casserole dish, combine all ingredients and bake at 325’F for 1.5 hours. (check after 1 hour to see how it’s doing).
3. Stir the pudding occasionally while baking.
4. When done and cooled, portion into 12 X “2 cupper” portions.
Make sure to do step one before you do the rest!

fude served this topped with a creamy scoop of their house made vanilla ice cream – YUMMY!!!!