“Girl – I made your rice last night. Put it in the crockpot with chicken, black beans and corn and it was TO DIE FOR. I’m having the leftovers for lunch. ♥”
The Organic Geek – California

“Thank you SO much for your shipment! WoW!!! and thanks for the lovely note – you are indeed a kind person! Thank you again! Namaste”
Denise – Fraser Valley, B.C.

“OK Tracy….We are hooked. Have cooked your rice twice in the past 3 days….it is delicious.
Will have to reorder soon”
Rob – South Carolina

“Ok, Tracy, I would love to try your product. If is it is as terrific as the customer service I know it will be a winner! ”
“Forgot to tell you just how wonderful the rice was… too yummy! Thank you so much! I will place a regular order. ”
Kathrine – Savannah, Georgia

“Checked out your wild rice compared to what I had purchased before-no comparison! Looks better in size, length, color,no broken pieces! Am soaking same amount of each for overnight then will taste. When tasting uncooked I could taste a difference.”
Paula – Caldwell, Idaho

“Received my rice shipment today. WOW! It is beautiful rice, indeed! Thanks so much!!”
Linda -Brampton, Ontario

“You have an amazing product… and you’re Canadian!!! I love that!”
Denise – Proudly Canadian

“Hi Tracy.  Just emailing you to say that we received your 50lb bag of wild rice yesterday.  We were extremely pleased with the terrific packaging and information included, and how fast it arrived after we ordered it!  It was above and beyond our expectations.  We will be ordering more in the future I’m sure!  I ordered it for my mother who is going through chemo for breast cancer, her naturopath told her that organic wild rice is a good thing to eat for her overall health while she is going though this.  She also happens to really like wild rice so she has been eating it almost daily.

Thanks so much for the excellent rice and awesome customer service!!!”
Name Withheld for Privacy

“It is the best wild rice I’ve ever had … so tender and doesn’t take 5 hours to cook”.
The Organic Cupboard – Kelowna

“O.M.G. your rice is good. It is noticeably different (such flavour!) from the usual brands out there. The very long grains make a beautiful presentation, too, which I like a lot. I am so glad I now have 20 lbs in my house. I wonder how long it will last–not very once the family comes home at Christmas and tastes it!
Thanks so much.”
New Morning Farm

My wild rice purchasing experience with Naosap Harvest is the best I have had in 35 years. Your fair pricing initially drew my interest, then your prompt responses to my numerous e-mail questions made me feel comfortable I was making a good decision. When the shipment arrived I was impressed with the shipping preparation, and when I opened the bag I was thrilled to see beautifully prepared, clean wild rice. I immediately cooked a batch, and both the taste and texture is fantastic. I had a wonderful experience buying a great Canadian product from a well run Canadian company. Thank you very much.
Richard – Calgary, Alberta